Texaro Wash Basins

Texaro Basins – Fine Living Concepts


Every Morning is a fresh start. And when you make your fresh start at a Texaro high concept wash basin, that’s your beginning of a great new day. For they’re basins, like you’ve never seen. Just like different artists prefer different mediums to express their art, Texaro wash basins are available in six different mediums – stone, glass, wood, metal, wood & epoxy and solid surface – each expressed as artfully as the other. Every piece bearing the Texaro is painstakingly sculpted to aesthetic perfection.

So go ahead, get yourself a Texaro wash basin. It’s the best way to begin your day.

The Crystal Collection inspired by diamonds

The Artizan stone collection gathers no moss.

A Conflation of wood and epoxy, a marvel to behold.

The warmth and understand luxury of wood. Crafted for you.

A touch of class for your bathroom.