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Welcome To Texaro A Final Destination Of Sanitaryware

Experience the finest in art and functionality.

Presenting Texaro Sanitaryware – a fusion of bowl and cistern that looks elegant and consumes less water.

Shiny, tough and cut to painstaking precision. Basins as elegant as decanters, at par with diamonds.

Stone is the new style statement. Rich to look at, tough in performance, lasts generations. Stone is in.. will always be.

Wood, reborn as the centre of all attraction. Looks natural with all the glory of timber. A rustic ode to lush trees.

Smooth to the touch, tough in performance. It’s the best of both worlds rolled in one solid series.

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Here’s the prettiest of them all. The Glamlook mirrors not just reflect you, but the sense of style.

A Vast Range Of Sanitaryware Products

Who doesn’t want a perfect bathroom to make your home more appropriate as per your desire? However to make the bathroom perfect, having the perfect bathroom sanitary ware is needed by all folks. But it becomes difficult as it’s either good Sanitary ware brands, stylish or comfortable. Sometimes the products look attentive though they are uncomfortable and make your bathroom appear as if a multitude.

We here at Texaro- have the perfect range of sanitary products that make your bathroom look sleek and classy as well as comfortable. We understand that finding the perfect bathroom sanitary items that don’t slot in products to seek out.

That’s why Texaro has designed the right and best sanitary ware items such as Boatwood, Crystal, Artizan, Fusion, and Glambook types product range for your utmost comfort.

Features Of Texaro Sanitary Ware Products

Whether it is your home, office, or any other place; consider bathroom sanitary items that have good features and completely match your aesthetic and provide them a private touch. As a sanitary ware manufacture expert, Texaro knows to provide maximum features to every product.

1. Luxurious Aesthetic:

The right look and luxurious finish make the bathroom products more attractive. Texaro provides the right aesthetics for a premium bathroom. All sanitary ware products are available in monochrome colors that can help you to get a strong presence in your bathroom, the products help to transform your bathroom to be your oasis as they are in matte or gloss finish. It simply lies with the eccentric idea.

2. Utmost Comfort:

No matter what products you buy, comfort is the main thing you need to understand while buying sanitary products. Texaro bathroom sanitary items are designed in a unique way that makes you comfortable. Not only that, we built sanitary ware products to suit seamlessly in your bathroom, we built for each bathroom to take care of your bathroom’s wellness zone.

3. Comprehensive Design:

Aside from comfort, these sanitary ware solutions are made to naturally fit in your bathroom. Even though the design of the product is good, the finish is good, aesthetically they are made in the best way, without fitting in the right place with the design it doesn’t look good. We carefully design sanitary ware for you with perfection to make sure that everything looks good regardless of what your bathroom size or structure is.

Range at a glance

Texaro Sanitaryware - The Amazing Everyday.

Experience the finest in art and functionality.

At the centre of Texaro Sanitaryware is a simple yet daunting commitment – to breathe life into living spaces, with art and comfort. That’s why every offering that bears the mark of Texaro Sanitaryware is a testimony to our relentless pursuit of innovation in everyday essentials. Combining tasteful aesthetics and intuitive functionality, Texaro Sanitaryware is here to ensure that even the most basic essentials never stay mundane.

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