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Water Saving on Sanitaryware – Texaro Sanitaryware

Water conservation is the need of the hour as water resources are scarce. Minimizing the wastage and making the best of the water reserves is a must. The financial sense to use water efficiently is an environmental cause and why not apply to the sanitaryware that we fit in our bathroom?

Water Conservation Technologies:

Conserving natural reserves indirectly save your penny. However, it is not that easy to develop technology for water saving on sanitaryware. It is not impossible though. Special thanks to the engineers and design experts for helping Texaro build water-saving technologies along with exceptional luxury bathroom designs and royal hues.

Let us put some shade on a collection of Texaro’s water-saving techniques:

  • Twin flushing technology – Sometimes referred to as dual flushing is an excellent technique to conserve water. Twin flushing technology saves up to 20,000 liters.
  • Water conservation in the Urinals – The percentage of water saved in urinals is exceptional using the dual flush technique.

Germ Repellant Sanitaryware:

The techniques for water-saving are awesome but the sanitaryware is also germ reluctant. Technologies such as nano-technology make sure that your bathroom is clean and stain repellant.

Toilet or bathroom hygiene is essential as most diseases start with unclean and unkept sanitaryware. Several measures should be imbibed as a daily practice. Moreover, opting for the right sanitaryware that is germ repellant adds a cherry on the cake.

Tricks to save water in your bathroom:

With minimal effort and time, you can save tonnes of water yearly with a few tricks and tips as enlisted below. With a conscious mindset and a commitment, you can contribute toward greener earth.

  • Close taps timely – Sometimes absent-mindedly keeping the taps open for longer hours can waste gallons of water unknowingly. Take measures to close taps timely and in between hand wash scrubbing routines.
  • Minimize the shower usage – Rejuvenation is a must from a hectic schedule and what can be the best solution than a great shower experience? Statistics quote that in every one-minute shower around 9.5 liters of water is wasted. Instead switch to a bucket and mug to take showers. Develop a habit of enjoying shower experiences not more than 2 times per week.
  • Give your towels a sunbath – Most people have a habit of throwing towels right after their showers are done. Imagine drying the towel in sunlight for a few minutes can save water. Our small habits and daily chores give us impeccable results in saving our earth and its reserves.
  • Design to avoid water leaks – The choice of the bathroom decor be it a wash basin or bath basin should be the best sanitaryware as bathroom designs should always be efficient and water savers. Ensure not to waste a single drop of water when you make the right choice for contemporary bathrooms.
  • Shave smart – Looking at yourself in the mirror is not bad but running a tap open is not at all affordable. Try saving water while shaving and pampering yourself.

Final Verdict:

The two vows in making water conservation possible are awareness and commitment. Little to no effort is needed to implement in our daily lifestyle to save water. Be it designing homes, luxury bathrooms, or your habits. Because saving reserves for our future generation is not just a need but your responsibility to make our planet survive longer.